Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Author's Notes

A few things of note to the reader:

1. New poll, on the right sidebar. Thanks for your votes and comments thus far.

2. My story is set in the real world, and, at the time I started it for NaNoWriMo, it was set in the future as well. As of Chapter 24, time has caught up and I'm more or less writing in the "past". I feel like this gives me less artistic creativity, because no I'm not longer completely "making up" people, places, and things. Some of you didn't notice and/or don't care, so if that's you, just keep doing your thing (reading and enjoying my story, hopefully). If you're a stickler for details, please know I'm aware, and have plotted out the story well beyond what I've written - those choices may not reflect reality as we know it today.

3. I've added a disclaimer to the intro, as well as edited a few dates, times, and the inventory list, but none of it will significanly alter what you've read so far.

Finally, I'm close to 40k! I'm closing in on my word count goal!


  1. Re: historical inaccuracies: I think you can say that the advent of the zombpocalypse started an alternate timeline which diverged from our own.

    And if that doesn't shut critics up, make fun of them for identifying factual errors in a story about zombies.

  2. @ Paul

    Thanks. I don't know if I need a full alternate timeline or anything. I'm talking about really mundane stuff that I know now, that I would've had to guess back in November. For example: the half a dozen or so summer staff of Hillenbrand and which rooms they are in.

  3. Now it's just research?

  4. @ AH

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "research".

    I'll give you a more concrete example (hopefully without giving too much away):

    A portion of my story depends on what room Jenny would be in for the summer. Back in November when I started, I had no way of knowing (the actual assignments were a half a year away), and so I was free to assign them as it was convenient for my story.

    Now, halfway through the summer, I know the real answer to that (the real room she is in). I will of course alter it from fact to suit my story, but there's a sort of dissonance in my head knowingly departing from the truth.

    Basically I just wanted the readers to know I am aware of the deviations from reality, but will continue how I have planned things.

  5. @ Cowboy
    You're only supposed to say one...
    @ Ryan
    It was just a joke, as in you are researching the time period. That's all